all things brought to life continue

not the least

thoughts, words

and actions



from A Summer of Seasons by Lilie Allen



I believe I had posted this before, but couldn’t find it.  My best friend from childhood on.  She died three years ago, a few months before another close friend passed.  We always remember those people in our lives whom we loved.   Sometimes, current events will bring those people back strongly, the death of Tom Petty, and the many tragic incidents we’ve all seen lately.  She was a kinder world.  She lived for it, believed in it, kissed me with it.


I will never marry

And I will live in China

A dark haired man

Will love me

And bring me tea


My daughter is a poet

As images flow from her

Like the ancients rode

Upon the swelling sea


I’ll shake hands with mother Theresa

She holds onto nothing

For in our lack of possessions

We are free


My brother, he still loves you

Oh please come to California

Be with us forever

Till we leave


For Colorado

In the winter of our cabin

Where the dogs lie soundly sleeping

Hear the crackling of the branches

O’er laden by the snow


The rhythms of the water

And I am in Australia

By the sea

The salt and sun blond

chestnut tresses

I think of you and me


You were the oh so small one

Delicate and fair

You thought I was substantial

I was only vapor holding air


Now you see me waving

Tanned and young and sexy

From my surfboard in Hawaii

I wish you could be there


I did all that I planned to

Except for that thing with china

It was those bastard communists

I didn’t have a passport

And hated constant fear


I have said thank you and I love you

To life and everybody

Teach my daughter only kindness

And though your streams be muddy


Remember that I love you

Do the same for others

You’re not weak because you care