i said

i want to hold her every moment

hug her smell into me


he said, you do

i said

i want to pet her silky coat

so my fingers, my hands


he said, i see that you do

i said

i want to play her special songs

sing them in my can’t carry a tune

neighbor shocking voice

every day

with a smile he says,

you do

i said

all of these things

and never enough

i want not to ache

not to cry

he says,

these are all the things of love

both sides


so. . .

without love

how could i







last day of april

the redwood deck

is its deepest shade

dark and handsome red

from a cool gentle rain

been falling, just falling

robins eagerly search the

green green grass

pancakes on the griddle

i like them crepe style thin

real maple syrup

an egg on top

neighbor’s ancient chinese elm

is showing the beginning of leaves,

leaves waving in a

slight breeze

good morning on this

gentle thursday

good morning to you



i post a bit later this morning

as the early brightest monday sun

showed up with my good intentions

and then

ruby made her comfy spot and

lay for morning sleep across my lap

what can one do?

my monday thoughts have gone to

lockdown and disgruntled

sometimes hateful

fellow citizens

in eager, earnest thought

i said

send them all a copy of

each moment is the universe

by, you guessed it,

dainin katagiri

ah yes love and harmony

seeds of peaceful lives

and comes the voice who needs

no opening welcome from me

well, yes, darlin’

first, though, shall you read it


and practice for a day?