Excuse me, I want to make a correction.  I could have done an edit and just let it go unnoticed, but if it has been up long enough for someone to have read it and I forgot or just didn’t get it right, then I want to own that and make it right.  I have the name of this incredible traditional singer wrong (even more than for the placement of accents) it is Iarla O Lionaird.  Thank you.  I hope you’ll listen to him – no, don’t know him, no $$ interest in outcome.


This came in response to Iarla Lionaird (sorry no accents in the right places, I don’t know how to do that) singing The Lament of the Three Marys, worth a listen on YouTube.  I called it Rising because any time you feel you have to let go, you’re rising.


And the fiddle plays

the width of the ocean

and over your heart

the voice

shattering all you hold on to

pick up

what you need

at your own calvary

made whole