I’m learning Gaeilge (gaelic)/Irish. I love the traditional singers. Incredible. When you look at the foundation language, you see where that keening, that mournful, heart-full sound comes from. There’s a rhythm, a cadence in the language, a speaking from the heart which follows in the music. If you listen to this singing, you can hear the scot-irish ballads brought over here, and country western, blues, bluegrass. You also hear the shape note teaching. When I start with learning another language, I get to see the culture and traditions. I fall in love with them and realize none are other than myself. I am made up with many of these. There isn’t one who isn’t. The ‘we are all one’ isn’t just a cliche. It’s every single one of us. So, it makes you think this idea about judging someone by race is ridiculous. There is no such thing to use as division. There are valuable experiences, traditions, cultures, learning, contributions, languages passed down; there are adaptations to physical environment, society, survival that are passed down, all of these are worth holding dear and sharing but to use them to measure distance or superiority, wrong yardstick, honey



I’ve mentioned that I have a westie (ad nauseam), and I belong to a few westie sites on facebook.  I love the westie breed but then I love all dogs, cats, scales, feathers, yeah animals.  Those sites comfort me.  They make me believe, and continue to believe, that there is still compassion alive in the world.  We really are, at our base level, compassionate beings.  We need to be to survive, to continue.  And, for me, it is the purpose of life, it’s meaning.

When I see how much people treasure their beloved pets and care for them, it is sunshine, hope opening the heavens.  I cultivate that any way I can, from many sources.  I’m grateful to all those folks at those sites for being among them.  You, too, have a compassion filled day – receiving and giving.  Thank you, Lilie