HOW WONDERFUL THE WORLD (special on a tuesday)

spring snow rain

this morning in my

small spot in montana

leaves everything white

trees and wires are flocked

decks and roofs covered

silence in the beautiful snow

birds are still fed

as are we

and i am thinking

not about ‘my country’

no, i must apologize

i have vision trouble

i don’t see boundaries

can’t see them, no

i am thinking

how wonderful the world

whole world

and each of you

i hope, wish you


be safe

think of each other

perhaps we’ll know

from this

no boundaries

how wonderful

the world




a drizzle drazzle gray

cloud and rain shrouded day

clean and pressed pants and shirt

map and lunch so carefully wrapped

he rides the bus

into the dismal

with hope in his heart

the bus stops

a stumble

from the steps onto

wet grass

a kick from the man and a racial epithet

send him down, down

map and lunch to gutter

oh says the woman

as she helps him stand

map and lunch in ruin

oh, she says

shall we have lunch together, my treat?


seated in the window

watching more drops gently fall

about earlier, she says,

about the man

oh, he says and shakes his head

poor man, yes, poor man

a questioning look

no company for lunch he says

and smiles

the sunshine he brought with him